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Policies and Privacy


    The order confirmation, payment confirmation and receipt will be sent by email.


    The delivery of the tickets happens via email. There is no physical ticket.


    It is necessary to carry out the registration for the event in the place of the event, on 14 or 05/15/2018 for TICKETCONFERENCE and TICKET EXPO.


    a.In respect to customers and in full compliance with laws, in accordance with Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC), the cancellation of the order and its reimbursement of amounts paid is guaranteed to those who bought tickets over the internet and gave up within the within seven days from the date of purchase of the ticket, provided that this period does not exceed 7 business days prior to the event.

    b.The cancellation of the request must be requested during business hours, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours by e-mail at They must be informed: full name, e-mail address and order number.

    c. Requests will be analyzed, processed and answered within 5 business days. Requests sent outside the above hours will be considered as received the next business day after dispatch.

    d.All information collected is stored on servers that observe strict security, inviolability and reliability standards in order to guarantee the users privacy, privacy, honor and image.


  5. Privacy

    VTEX DAY, in order to demonstrate the commitment to the security and privacy of the information collected from the users of its web and mobile channels, created the Privacy Policy.



    a. When purchasing tickets or registering for available events, there will be the collection of personal data of users, which will be stored in our servers as: name, surname, address, telephone, CPF, date of birth and email. These data are the minimum necessary for the acquisition of the tickets by the users. Other extra data can be requested, being at the discretion of each user, its information or not.

    b. The payment and approval data required for processing the transaction, as well as the credit card data of the users, are not stored on the VTEX DAY servers.

    c. In addition to the information received during the registration and payment procedures described above, there is also the receipt of information when the user contacts VTEX DAY or responds to one of their searches. This information will be included in each user's registration.

    d. All information collected is stored on servers, which observe strict security, inviolability and reliability standards, in order to guarantee the users privacy, privacy, honor and image.

    e. Personal data will be made available only to authorized employees who undertake to comply with this privacy policy and are not publicly shared or used for purposes other than those originally proposed.

    f. Except for the express, free and informed consent of the user, VTEX DAY will not provide to third parties, the information of personal data, records of connection and access to internet applications.

    g. Users assume responsibility for the information they are providing to VTEX DAY, as well as the consequences of their decisions.

    h. By registering and confirming it by e-mail, the user expresses the consent to the collection, use, storage and processing of personal data by VTEX DAY.

    i. When accessing the VTEX DAY system for the first time, the purchase can be submitted to VTEX DAY's information security department, which can contact the user and request details of the information.

    j. After the purchase, the user will receive an email at the address indicated. It is therefore very important that user data is always updated on the VTEX DAY website.

    k. Upon request of the user, VTEX DAY will proceed to the definitive exclusion of personal data, except in the case of mandatory custody.


    Cookies are short snippets of text used to store information in Web browsers. Cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices.

    Other technologies, including the data we store in your browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes.

    VTEX DAY uses cookies to help identify visitors and prevent, for example, that a user's password must be entered several times during the use of the site.

    The browser or device may have settings that allow the user to choose whether to set cookies or not and to delete them.

    Certain parts of the VTEX DAY Services may not function correctly if the use of browser cookies has been disabled.


    VTEX DAY has an AntiSpam Policy and follows good marketing practices and rules by not sending Spam.

    VTEX DAY complies with all the criteria of the Code of Self-regulation for the E-mail Marketing Practice (CAPEM -

    E-mail Marketing is an important tool for communicating with the customer. Creating and sending email marketing requires a judicious system to be followed for the preservation of customer privacy and security.

    All E-mail Marketing sent by VTEX DAY counts on the consent of the customer (Opt-in), since he himself chooses to receive through an enrollment or implicitly when a contact between the parties is established, without using intrusive means.

    All emails sent by VTEX DAY have the opt-out link (option to unsubscribe from the e-mail to receive future messages), thereby fully respecting the privacy and freedom of those who receive the message.


    The VTEX DAY website and applications are constantly enhanced with new features and new services provided.

    Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to change our Privacy Policy.

    Each time this occurs we will update the date of the last modification, available at the beginning of the page.

    Your continued use of the website and applications after any changes to this Privacy Policy indicates your agreement to the revised terms.

  10. AGREE

    By using our site and the applications, you agree to the Privacy Policy contained in this document.

    Other important information about the terms and conditions of use are available in Policies.

    If the user still has any questions, VTEX DAY requests that you contact us through the email