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In 2018, VTEX DAY will have a panel of speakers, comprised of global leaders and influencers in innovative organizations in the areas of: business, multi-channel (omnichannel) and operational (e-commerce) bringing trends, business models and important technological developments which have impacted the world.

  • Where and when is the event? icon-arrow-right

    The event will be at São Paulo EXPO (check the map here) On May 14 and 15, 2018. On the 14th, accreditation will open at 11 am and on the 15th at 8 pm.

  • By car. How can I get to the place? icon-arrow-right

    The main access to the place is done by Rodovia dos Imigrantes Km 1,5. The space has a garage building outsourced with capacity for 5 thousand spots

  • By public transportation. How can I get to the place? icon-arrow-right

    The event will be 850 meters from Jabaquara Subway Station. (check the map here)

  • The parking is included? icon-arrow-right

    The venue offers outsourced parking and this will be at the participant's expense charging the value of R$ 45.00 for cars and R$ 25.00 for motorcycles during the period of 12 hours.

  • Is available transportation for participants? icon-arrow-right

    No, transportation will be at the participant's expense.

  • What is included on my CONFERENCE ticket? icon-arrow-right

    The entrance ticket gives access to the Pre-event on May 14 and every event on May 15. The pre-event includes the opening, VTEX launches, presentation of the Keynote Speaker and cocktail party in the EXPO area. On the second day, access to the conference rooms: Managment, Global Market, Marketing Cases I, IT Conference, Marketing Cases II, Logistics, Customer Experience, Traning 01 and Traning 02, VTEX Demos, Digital Entrepreneur Forum, EXPO area with more than 150 exhibitors with various innovative solutions and show closure.

  • What is included in my EXPO ticket? icon-arrow-right

    The EXPO ticket gives access to the most important day of the event: May 15: EXPO area, with more than 150 exhibitors and diversified solutions, the Digital Entrepreneur Forum with several lectures focused on your store, 02 VTEX Demos, presenting the features and news platform and closing party.

  • How about the student benefits policy? icon-arrow-right

    Because it is a corporate event, VTEX DAY does not fit into Law No. 12,933, which provides benefits to students and other publics in artistic, cultural and sporting events (cinema, cinema, theaters, musical and circus shows and educational, sports, leisure and entertainment events) See Art 1 of the law itself. But we noticed with the course of the editions, a search for students on VTEX DAY with the objective of knowing more about the digital segment. Based on this, we have made some partnerships with universities to provide 50% discounts to students. Check with the institution you are studying, if you already have a partnership with us. Otherwise, feel free to introduce us to the entity to formalize this partnership. I think there are other students as you are interested in attending VTEX DAY.

  • The ticket will be sent? icon-arrow-right

    No, the ticket is only illustrative. You only have to present a photo document at the time of accreditation.

  • Do you send fiscal notice? icon-arrow-right

    Yes. The invoice issuance is made after confirmation of payment, based on the information filled out at check out, including the option to include corporate data. It will not be allowed to change the invoice with data that was not placed at check out.

  • How to pay my registration? icon-arrow-right

    You can buy the tickets through the VTEX DAY store and payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card.

  • How will the accreditation work on the event day? icon-arrow-right

    The participant must present a photo document at the entrance of the event, at the accreditation desk.

  • How can I generate a bank slip with the name of my company? icon-arrow-right

    Including legal entity data at the time of your purchase, you can generate a ticket with the name of the company.

  • Do you need to register the company VTEX DAY as a supplier? icon-arrow-right

    If your company needs to register the VTEX DAY for the purchase of tickets, send an email to

  • Can I cancel my registration in the event? icon-arrow-right

    Yes. The cancellation of your registration will be possible directly through the website, according to the event policy.

  • Is there any service fees? icon-arrow-right

    We do not charge a service charge.

  • I did not receive my confirmation email. What can I do? icon-arrow-right

    If you have not received your confirmation email with your ticket (illustrative), contact

  • How will be the food part of the event? icon-arrow-right

    In the event, we will have a food court with several options, such as restaurants and others. The food is at the participant's expense.

  • How can I be a VTEX DAY sponsor? icon-arrow-right

    For more information on how to sponsor our event, please contact us at